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In Finques City we offer you all the services and procedures you need in your real estate transactions

In a single space, and without having to seek external aid. Just give us a call or come to see us, our team will be happy to serve them our team of professionals assist you happy

- Personalized advice
- Management rentals and sales
- Holiday Rental
- Funding
- Comprehensive Reforms
- Household insurance, non-payment, car, etc.
- Certificates power and Certificates of occupancy

Management of rentals and sales:

-Search of tenants.
-Perform contract, inventory and pictures.
-Annex to contract, and new and future agreements are documented.
-Collection and settlement monthly.
-Complaint collection.
-Admission and return of security deposits.
-Application IPC.
-Processing Tax On Patrimonial Transmissions.
-Advice on cases referred for a preliminary ruling and meeting with a lawyer.
-Treatment and follow-up with tenants.
-Management of Supplies of water, gas and electricity, direct debits and changes of name, and readings.

-Processing of the Energy Certificate and a Certificate of occupancy.

Rental management vacation:

- Inputs and Outputs of the guests.
- Check the state of the house and count inventory.
- Handling and coordination of cleaning of the housing.
- Replacement of linen and washing towels are the property of the company.
- Processing and payment of the tourist tax 0.90 per person and day, aged 16 years, for a maximum of 7 nights.
- Communication-passports and data in the registry of the Autonomous dEsquadra.
- Advertising, web portals and professional photos of the home.
- Provide guidance on the minimum (furnishings, appliances, utensils, linen, towels...) to provide for tourism activity and according to the maximum occupancy, taking into account the certificate of occupancy.
- Compliance with regulations. (Orientation to the property, the signs required in the establishment, fire extinguishers depends on the home, claim forms...)
- The control of the rent received, as well as the management of their collections.

  • Licensing Tourist
  • Change of ownership of Licenses Tourist


-All Types of policies with different insurers.

-Arrangements in the houses and premises.
-Budgets and realization of all kinds of reforms. (Masonry, plasters, facilities, Waterproofing, painting, finishes, flooring and wall coverings, and decoration)